Designer Curtains

Curtains or the flow of drapery adds the finishing touches to any room. They also set the mood from a light and airy feeling to a comforting, cozy feeling. It is like putting the decorative features on the frosting of a cake. Designer curtains can make the room “your own” by putting your personal touch just as you want it. Curtains or draperies can be paired with shades, blinds, sheers or other curtains. The possibilities are endless.

Let’s first start by choosing a fabric. You need to take into consideration the weight of the fabric. In considering the weight of the fabric—from light sheers to heavy drapery—also decide if you want to let light in or go as dark as a room darkener that will provide total privacy. A lot of adjustments can be made to handle the light with the addition of liners, shades, or blinds.

After you have decided on the weight of the fabric, decide if you want a solid look or a patterned look. Then the fun begins. Choose something you really like that coordinates with the other colors in the room. Or you can go completely the opposite and choose a contrasting color. This can be a time consuming process with a lot of trips back and forth to the fabric store before you make your final choice. Bring home fabric samples (get them as large as you can) and look at them for several days. The color will change according to the time of the day, the weather outside, and what lights are on in the room. Don’t settle on somethings that “just works”.

This is a large investment and you want to be more than happy with what you choose. If you are going to put a liner under the fabric—make sure you look at the sample with a liner under it. You also need to take into account the price of the fabric per yard. You may find something you like in a less expensive fabric just as much as a more expensive fabric. That could add up to a big savings in the end.

One thing to remember is if you don’t put a liner with the curtain – will you be able to see the pattern from the outside. How does it look from the outside? If you have several different colors or patterns that aren’t lined and you can see them from the outside of the house, this may not be the look you want.

Next, decide on the style of the curtain or drapery. There are an endless number of styles to choose from and it can be a very exciting and fun process. Again, consider if you want something classic and timeless or do you want something “over the top” or contemporary. Make sure you express your personality in this stage of the process.

The next step is to figure out how much fabric you need and what the total cost will be. Depending on where you are buying your curtains (or whether you are making them yourself) the cost can add up quickly. There are knowledgeable people that will be happy to help you with this. There are also a lot of different books that will break it down in detail depending on the style you choose.